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Neue Keramik (DE) September 2017
   Profile - 'Margaret Curtis, The beauty of imperfection'

   Author Eddie Curtis

> Ceramic Review  (UK) March 2017
   Profile - Eddie Curtis


Neue Keramik (DE) January 2015
   Profile - 'Charles Bound'

   Author Eddie Curtis


> Neue Keramik (DE) September 2014
   Profile - 'Eddie Curtis - The Blast Series'
   Eddie Curtis discusses his new work on display at
   Galerie Metzger, Germany


> Ceramic Review (UK) November 2013
   Exhibition Review, Peter Beard:
   'New Works in Ceramic, Stone and Bronze'

   Author Eddie Curtis


> Neue Keramik (DE) July 2013
   Profile - 'Willy van Bussel'

   Author Eddie Curtis


> Neue Keramik (DE) September 2010

   'Happy Anniversary'
   Eddie Curtis reports on the tenth anniversary of      the UK's most successful ceramics website



> Neue Keramik (DE) September 2009
   Profile - 'Eddie Curtis'


   'Profit in another land'

   Review of European ceramic fairs 2002

   Author Eddie Curtis


> Ceramic Technical (Australia) #15, November 2002
   'Visceral Heat'


> Ceramic Review (UK) November 2003
   'Getting to this'
   Eddie & Margaret Curtis have achieved their ambition to make                distinctive individual ceramics. Here Eddie Curtis charts their                  progress from art school in the early 70s, via the grind of production      tablewares, to today's pots!


> Ceramic Review (UK) November 2003
   'Fair Play'
   A review of international ceramic markets

   Author Eddie Curtis

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