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Curtis Red Porcelain Returned from Japan after 20 years

In 2003 Margaret and I were part of a small group of potters who were invited to show our work at the Banko Potters headquarters in Yokkaichi, Japan, close to Nagoya. It was a short, three day event - a bit like an indoor Potfest and there were maybe 20 exhibitors in total - half Japanese and the rest from the UK. We were very pleased with our success and sold almost half what we had taken there. After the show we toured Japan for three weeks and our remaining pots were put into storage until a few weeks ago when I had a discussion with a friend in Japan about having them sent back to the UK. He kindly (and expertly) wrapped and boxed the works and shipped them - by surface mail, back to the UK. It was a great experience unpacking the boxes after such a long time and I have to say I was really very heartened to see what we had been achieving 20 years ago. During that same period back home we had been showing our work in Europe and we had won multiple prizes in The Netherlands and Belgium for our copper red porcelain and because Japan was seen to be a prestigious destiny for our work we had been very critical about our selection that we collated and sent there.

2010 saw a huge change of direction and we ceased to make copper red porcelain  - this is an opportunity to buy some vintage works that were shown in 2003 in Japan.


We are still sending to THE USA however

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